George Fox | Be Faithful in Sufferings

ALL Friends and Brethren every where, that are Imprisoned for the Truth, give your selves up in it, and it will make you free, and the Power of the Lord will carry you over all the Persecutors, which was, before they were. For since the Beginning hath this Persecution got up; therefore live and reign in that Power, which remains, when the other is gone, and in that ye will have Peace and Unity with God, and one with another.

Be faithful in the Life and Power of the Lord God, and for the Truth be Valiant on the Earth, and look not at your Sufferings, but at the Power of God, and that will bring some good out in all your Sufferings; and your Imprisonments will reach to the Prisoned, that the Persecutor prisons in himself.

So be faithful in your Sufferings in the Power of the Lord. . . . So the Power, and Life, and Wisdom of the Lord God Almighty keep you, and preserve you, to finish your Testimony to the End, that ye may witness every one of you a Crown of Life Eternal, in which ye may sing Praises to the Lord, and in that triumph. And so, be faithful in that which overcomes, and gives Victory.