Andrew Murray | Fire Upon The Alter

“And the fire upon the altar shall be kept burning thereon; it shall not go out; and the priest shall burn wood upon it every morning.” (Lev. vi. 12.)

All acknowledge that the fire upon the altar is the type of the Holy Spirit. The sacrifice upon the altar of burnt offering, and the sweet-smelling spices upon the altar of incense, all were to be consumed by the fire and carried up to Heaven in smoke. So only may the sacrifice whereby I offer myself up to God every morning, and the incense of my prayers be well pleasing unto God, when they are borne by the Holy Spirit to Heaven. Then it is . an acceptable sacrifice,’ being sanctified by the Holy Spirit.

And therefore the fire upon the Altar must always be kept burning. And the appointed time is the morning; the priest shall burn wood upon it every morning. The Christian who neglects this duty in the morning will soon discover that he cannot find time for it in the course of the day. Let us learn to do this in the morning. The wood needful to keep the fire of the Spirit burning is God’s Word. Let us see to it that these two things are done every morning: first, we must gather and pile the wood; secondly, we must wait for the fire of the Spirit to set it alight. Through faith and a truthful waiting upon God, we must have the inward assurance that the Holy Spirit, the fire of God, is burning within us. Then our sacrifice of ourselves and our prayers will be a sweet savour, acceptable to God in Christ.

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