On Casual Christianity

Implicit in this statement is the warning that we should never be casual about Christ. Unfortunately in America the professing church at large has done exactly that. The lack of pressure that real persecution provides that would otherwise ignite a sense of eagerness and responsibility to be ready for battle has left the church without oil in our lamps. Living through times of great persecution requires from the church and the pulpit a seriousness that can help us through extreme difficulties.

We’ve put away our weapons and armor to collect dust. We’ve been playing games and entertaining the masses, hoping that the world will see Christianity as cool or fun. Yet often the entertainment is second best and lackluster… why settle for less when you can get the real thing for $5.99/mo from the comfort of your own couch? We try to imitate the world to make Christianity appealing or help make the transition from the world to church easier. Studies however suggest the opposite effect is winning the day as many of our children find it easier to transition from the church to the world. They’ve been doing so in droves. After all, our church buildings and the world are not so dissimilar in many instances.

Go visit at random any youth group, you will likely find a dark environment with flashing lights, fog machines, and a DJ blaring loud music. I’m sure the club and bar owners are quite happy at the millions we’ve invested training our young people to become connoisseurs of that type of entertainment. Once they have become too old for “youth group” they are the prime age for drinking and will find the new adult social clubs easy enough.

The Church unsurprisingly then reprimands the youth for leaving and living in an ungodly manner, how can we expect anything other than scoffs and mocking at our own hypocrisy.

Yes it’s high time we get serious about the things of God.