Why does is matter? 6 Days or Evolution?  



Why should we as Christians care about whether or not God created the universe in 6 literal days or using an evolutionary process?

"Is what you are living for worth Christ dying for?" - Leonard Ravenhill

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Admin: I remember growing up, this question never really bothered me. I felt it wasn't important to my salvation. I was perfectly content not caring one way or the other.

I was introduced to Answers in Genesis and this totally shifted my thoughts on the subject. One of the most compelling answers they gave me was that if there really was millions of years of death and decay (evolution) before man sinned... than this seemed to be a glaring contradiction of God's Word. Death was a result of mans sin.

This completely rocked my thoughts about the question and how it relates to not effecting my salvation.. because if God's word isn't reliable in Genesis, why would it be reliable anywhere else?

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"Is what you are living for worth Christ dying for?" - Leonard Ravenhill

Yes! Spot on! 

Well, to start with, you have 4 main theories surrounding Genesis 1. Gap theory, Day Age theory, Framework, and literal 6 day creation.

Answers in Genesis is okay, but don't agree with Ken Ham when he condemns those who dont hold to 6 days. I myself hold to 6 days but consider many my brother that dont. 

I agree we shouldn't "condemn" any of our brethren who may hold different positions on the subject.

I wasn't aware brother Ken "condemns" other believers, I know he definitely takes a strong position against the other positions. I think think that's a fair distinction to make.

Here is an article by Ken on his reasoning against Gap Theory.


Veracity of scripture I'd think is the most important. Honestly, here to find out why and interested in learning more.

Absolutely. Thanks for signing up Tim.


The idea that the days in Genesis 1 are ages is absurd for a number of reasons.  Firstly, Scripture states; “and there was evening and there was morning” followed by the number of the day.  How and why would anyone divide an age into periods of evening and morning, and what would those designations mean?  Secondly, vegetation was created on day three, while the Sun, Moon, and Stars were not created until day four.  Plants could survive without sunlight for a day, but for an age, I think not.  Thirdly, the Sabbath day was established based on creation week.  The Sabbath is a 24 hour day, not some indeterminate period.  Fourthly, when a number is used with the term day (yom) in Scripture, without exception the meaning is a 24 hour period.  Fifthly, Evolution requires that groups evolve.  You cannot have one or two individuals evolving alone.  This means there could not be just an Adam and an Eve.  It also means that Eve could not be taken out of Adam.  Sixthly, Jesus affirms a six day (24 hour periods) creation.  Seventhly, I also agree that the idea that God would use survival of the fittest evolution to create His perfect universe is absurd.  Survival of the fittest is based on death.  This would be, as has already been pointed out, a contradiction of Scripture regarding death being a result of man’s fall.  Finally, the angel in Revelation 14 who preaches the Gospel to all people on the earth at the time makes it a point to include creation in his sermon.  I believe a person can be saved and not understand the creation account in Genesis, but I am not sure a saved individual who is hungry for the truth of God’s Word will continue to accept the day-age theory or theistic Evolution.  As for the Gap theory, there is just too little evidence for it in Scripture.  It seems to me that the Gap theory calls into question the foreknowledge and the omniscience of God.

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