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A. W. Tozer Sermon: Winter Experiences


There is such a thing as a renaissance, a personal revival. The best illustration is the coming of the springtime on the farm. The snow will lay all winter long, and in some places you don”t see the ground until springtime. How utterly dead everything looks, but you know that…

A. W Tozer Sermon: Trials Are Only Temporary

Trials Are Only Temporary

The man whom Christ illuminates with His message has eyes, and that resolves the old difficulty of blindness; but he must use his new eyes in a blind world, and that creates another problem. The world in its blindness resents his claim to sight and will go to any lengths…

A.W. Tozer | When Interests Collide

When Interests Collide

by A.W. Tozer Whether we are considering two men or two nations we see how personal interest controls their relation to each other. Two men can live together in perfect harmony as long as their interests coincide. Indeed it might correctly be said that human society can exist only by…

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